World History

Over 5,000 years ago, a huge meteor crashed into the planet. As the giant rock passed overhead, milk curdled, livestock fell over dead, and ill fortune befell all. The meteor crashed into the earth with deafening force, and red radiance lit the sky for a week. Then it vanished.

The Chaos Scar is a long, wide valley carved long ago by the fall of a massive meteor. Over a mile long and several hundred feet deep, the Chaos Scar is a testament to the vast power of the meteor’s impact. As it carved its path through the earth, shards and fragments of the meteor tore away until only its heart remained, embedded in an escarpment at the far end of its new home.

As the years have gone by, evil has filled the crater and the forests around it. Some cities have tried to hem in the threat of the Chaos Scar, with little to no success. Towers that once ringed the valley have fallen to ruin as well. Some are inhabited by monsters; others are simply empty. The Kingdom has built fortified walls to protect from the evil, though many attacks have occurred, weakening the walls and terrorizing the citizens. Many have fled to safer lands, no longer trusting their king to protect them. There is an old gate in the southwest part of the wall that is rarely used because few want to travel through the Chaos Scar. Those that do, tend to have ill intentions.

Following years of conflict, there have been rumors of a rising new deity with evil intentions. A group has emerged to rule the valley. It calls itself the Brotherhood of the Scar. Some nearby cities and nation states believe them to be worshipers of Bane. Others think them servitors of Zehir, or possibly a demon prince. No one knows for sure. The order seems to have reached some sort of understanding with the meteor, because while the conflicts between the monsters of the Chaos Scar continue, the Brotherhood is left to its own devices.

Clerics and followers of Nerull, Hecate, and Hades have been sent to the area to seek out information for their deities.

Clerics of Eilistraae, Hathor, Artemis, and Ehlonna have been securing temples and attempting to gain more followers in anticipation of an uprising. Many clerics have set out voluntarily on pilgrimages to the area in an effort to gather information and bring their deity’s presence into the area.

Many adventurers have entered the Chaos Scar. Few have returned. Those that do weave dark stories of monsters working in concert as never before. Others tell of monstrous creatures working against one another. Welcome to the Chaos Scar.

World History

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